Last update : Tue, Apr 13, 2010

The exhibition explores the cities of the five continents, through an audiovisual installation, personal accounts, illustrations and investigations, architectural and urban planning projects, and more than a hundred photographs from the archives of the big international press agencies!

It’s a place where we move around, where we live, where we work, where we parade, where we rub shoulders, where we jostle: countless practices that intersect and intercept, making the street a locus both of encounter and of conflict! And in all the cities of the world, the same questions: who and what are the streets for? Who do they belong to? Who decides, controls, oversees? How can we reconcile all the speeds, all the forms of transportation, the needs of residents and passersby, of shopkeepers...? How can we make them interpretable, fluid, friendly? How much should advertising, business, freedom of expression, art, be able to show themselves in the street, take over the street?